What DanceWize NSW offers

DanceWize NSW is a harm reduction-focussed, peer education program that provides information about safer partying and safer drug use, and hosts a care space at dance events throughout NSW.

The DanceWize NSW team comprises staff employed by NSW Users and Aids Association (NUAA) and voluntary Key Peer Educators (KPEs). At your event, the KPEs will host the front-of-house DanceWize NSW education space, where they discuss and distribute drug-related information and resources, and other general health items (including condoms, sunscreen and earplugs) to our visitors.

KPEs are skilled to provide support and assistance in our back-of-house care space to patrons who are experiencing difficulties related to the use of various substances. In accordance with strict protocols, KPEs provide structured care to patrons, cross-refer individuals to medical or emergency services, and discreetly provide sterile injecting equipment upon request.

At large events and multi-day festivals DanceWize NSW’s roving crew can provide crowd care as a supplementary service. In pairs, and with radio contact to DanceWize NSW care space, Rovers patrol festival and camp grounds to monitor and report on trends and behaviours in the crowd, refer individuals to an event’s services, direct and assist patrons to the DanceWize NSW care space, and distribute resources.

DanceWize NSW also conducts harm reduction education workshops in a variety of contexts. This service can be tailored to suit your event.


Key Peer Educator Training

All volunteers undergo an initial induction training course (6 hours) and ongoing training is provided at team meetings. Although DW NSW does not operate as a First Aid provider, all KPEs have accredited First Aid training, in addition to the catalogued modules below. Training is flexible and can include event-specific topics.
Below is a comprehensive list of the training and workshops the members of the DW NSW team undertake as part of their ongoing development.

• Level 2 First Aid

○ RTO Real Response (formerly Real First Aid)

• Drug Overdose Prevention Education ‘DOPE’ training including naloxone training

○ Conducted by Andy Heslop, NUAA Peerlink Officer

• Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Trip Sitter Training

○ Training teaches techniques for dealing with people experiencing difficult psychedelic experiences. This means, counselling a person who is distressed due to the delusions or hallucinations they are experiencing, and ensuring they do not pose a risk to themselves or others.

• Psycho-pharmacology and Drug Classifications

○ Conducted by Dr Robert Page, St Vincent’s Hospital and Kirketon Road Centre

• Needle and Syringe Program (secondary)–Safe Disposal Practices

DanceWize NSW KPEs are registered NSP outreach workers

• Substance Specific Harm Reduction Discussions

○ DW NSW employs a number of substance specific resources developed by the DanceWize program in Victoria. These resources are being trialled and adapted for NSW via discussions with volunteers and focus groups with young people who attend festivals. DW NSW is consulting with project team member Dr Martin Williams, a leading researcher in this space in Australia and Internationally.

• Blood Borne Virus prevention

○ Conducted by Andy Heslop, NUAA Peerlink Officer

• Sexually Transmitted Infections

○ Conducted by Dr Robert Page, St Vincent’s Hospital and Kirketon Road Centre

• Mental Health First Aid (for team leaders only)

○ Conducted by Mental Health First Aid Australia

• Legal Training

○ Conducted by Jessica Barker, Solicitor of Elrington’s, ACT

• Responding to Sexual Assault

○ Conducted by Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia

• Diplomacy, De-escalation and Dispute Resolution

○ Developed by DanceWize NSW with support from ex-police members

• Rainbow Buzz: Working with LGBTIQ people

○ Conducted by ACON – non compulsory training


Triage and care protocols

The DanceWize NSW care space forms the first tier of a medical response at events. While DanceWize NSW is not a first aid service, KPEs are trained to triage patrons in need of assistance and support medical staff in assessment and care for patrons under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. All triage and care interventions are conducted in line with strict protocols – if at any point there is concern for a person’s physical health or safety, KPEs engage the assistance of on-site medical staff. More details on DanceWize NSW care protocols can be provided to the promoter or medical team at the time of your booking enquiry.

DanceWize NSW Rovers follow similar care protocols when responding to patrons in need of assistance in the field. Rovers may act as first responders to alcohol and other drug related health incidents throughout the event, radioing through the ECC or appropriate channels to seek medical assistance or security when required. They also feedback vital information about emerging risks or issues at the event, which is reported back to operations and emergency management personel, as required.

DanceWize NSW keeps detailed records of the education, care, and peer support that we provide. Shift Leaders record real-time data on patrons who enter DanceWize NSW care throughout an event – including information about drugs involved – which can be reported at Emergency Management Team and stakeholder meetings.




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